October 2010

Tiny boy body. Blue eyes filled up with thoughts. He studies me. Joy, amusement, curiosity, wonder–they are visible in the big blue eyes, the bright smile.

Delight. It is the best word. He is a delight–but he also is delighted with Life. He will be insatiable in his exploration of this world he came to. Every minute he is learning, taking in information, just enjoying being alive. Thoroughly enjoying being alive.

There’s a lesson for me here. Enjoy being alive? Thoroughly enjoy being alive and doing all the things I can do each day? Writing. Walking. Experimenting with Energy and meditation. Sorting photos. Making a video. Eating. Cooking. Cleaning. Reading. Hugging someone I love. Seeing beauty around me. Looking into our Dog’s big brown eyes when she is “talking” to me. Enjoying being alive with all of Life’s contradictions and dualities. Enjoying being alive when I make a choice that doesn’t serve me well. Just enjoying being alive.

Morgan. Blue eyes. Smiles. Waving hands. Drumming feet. Squeals and shrieks and giggles and gurgles. My grandson.


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