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April 18, 2012
On Being Light…
Pure, perfect, unbroken Light is white.
Pure, white light contains the full spectrum of Color.  When we break Light—when we divide it—we see the colors of the Rainbows.
Darkness is the absence of Light.  Darkness is Black…yet it contains all the potential possibilities of all the Colors that exist; needing only Light to reveal them.
Look around at the people, the creatures, the world revolving through it’s days and nights.  Mostly what we see, mostly what we experience, mostly what we ourselves embody are fragments of perfect wholeness: the colors that result when Light is broken.
Our brilliant perfection has been
Unbraided and shot through
The Prism of Time and Space—
Our wholeness forgotten;
Unconscious of our Oneness.
We are Broken Light,
Fragments of White Perfection;
And In all our incarnations we have now become the Brilliance of the Rainbow.
We are magnificent.
We take away the Breath of the Universe.
Love is the Sun shining through a stained-glass window.
Joy is the riot of color in a wild poppy field in June.
Gratitude is the mirrored reflection in still water of
blue sky and flaming sun and green-crowned trees.
We are precious Light
set free to experience this one fragment of perfection.


April 5, 2012

I am so thankful that you have found a place and people to help you heal and to create the life that you came here to this Earth to live.  There are so many cruel, painful, terrible things happening all around us in our world, and you have seen and experienced some of them.  You know this.  But all around you there is also beauty, and goodness and love and possibility.  I know this. 

Once I was in Seattle, waiting to catch a plane to somewhere else.  For several days it had been cold, with a drizzly rain that never quits, occasionally building into a torrential downpour before receding again to a miserable drizzle.  The plane took off and as we rose into the clouds, I couldn’t see anything out my window but a grey-white blank.  Then, suddenly the flat white began to thin into ragged wisps and above our little plane was brilliant blue sky with a fiery sun shining down.  Then, out my little window I could see mountain tops sticking far up above the clouds, their snow caps sparkling in the sunlight.  The plane climbed higher and the clouds that were cutting Seattle off from the sunlight were now below us and looked like heaps of white snow piled up. 

Sometimes what we experience in life is dark, dismal, frightening.  Emotionally we may feel like nothing good or beautiful will ever come to us.  Then we begin to believe it and respond to the world around us defensively and angrily–“Who the hell decided I got picked to have a crap life?”

Maybe if you feel that nothing beautiful or good will come to you, you need to go find IT.  Just today, look for things that are beautiful, that make you smile.  Find at least one thing.  Notice each act of kindness that you experience…and act kindly to someone, at least once.  Did you eat today?  Did it taste wonderful?  Do you have a place to sleep tonight?

Tomorrow, do it again.  Begin to count up all the beautiful and good things you see and experience and DO.  Just today.  Each “today” as it arrives. 

That is how we open up the way for Love to heal our hearts and minds.  And it is that healing that opens up the way for more good stuff–possibilities and opportunities–to “come to us”.  They don’t really come to us…they were always there.  We just couldn’t see them.  Like the sun shining above the storm clouds.  It is always there, we just can’t see it until the clouds are swept aside–or somehow we are able to rise up above them.

I send Light and Love to you…I hope you see it today.

Be at Peace…you are finding your way.