The Experiment

It began last Fall when I was trying to walk on the railroad track without falling off. I fell off about every fourth or fifth step. Finally I asked myself, “If I knew that the things I so badly want to manifest in my life depended on my being able to walk this rail without falling, would I walk it differently?” I thought about it for a few minutes, and then I stepped up on the rail again. I was focused and intent on remaining on the rail. And I did. All the way to where I needed to leave the track and walk down the road to my house. I have walked the rail many days since, and always, when my intention is focused, I walk the rail easily and without losing my balance.

I can’t say I have been walking through my life quite as surely or as easily or with such fine balance. But the lesson has not escaped my notice. A new experiment in my life has been underway since this past September. As with any skill, I understand it will take focused practice.

This is my experiment: if I intentionally, day after day, focus on being present and in the Now–if I am able to accept what IS in the Now without resistance while still holding the images of myself and my life as I want them to be, if I focus on nurturing a positive attitude, if I daily open myself to the frequencies of Love and of Light–will I experience the changes in my life that I desire? For real?

I set my foot again upon this “rail”, I find my focal point, and I walk with clear intention and determination to manifest the goals I’ve set.

Intention precedes manifestation.

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