April 18, 2012
On Being Light…
Pure, perfect, unbroken Light is white.
Pure, white light contains the full spectrum of Color.  When we break Light—when we divide it—we see the colors of the Rainbows.
Darkness is the absence of Light.  Darkness is Black…yet it contains all the potential possibilities of all the Colors that exist; needing only Light to reveal them.
Look around at the people, the creatures, the world revolving through it’s days and nights.  Mostly what we see, mostly what we experience, mostly what we ourselves embody are fragments of perfect wholeness: the colors that result when Light is broken.
Our brilliant perfection has been
Unbraided and shot through
The Prism of Time and Space—
Our wholeness forgotten;
Unconscious of our Oneness.
We are Broken Light,
Fragments of White Perfection;
And In all our incarnations we have now become the Brilliance of the Rainbow.
We are magnificent.
We take away the Breath of the Universe.
Love is the Sun shining through a stained-glass window.
Joy is the riot of color in a wild poppy field in June.
Gratitude is the mirrored reflection in still water of
blue sky and flaming sun and green-crowned trees.
We are precious Light
set free to experience this one fragment of perfection.

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