May 18, 2011


You walk through the door into my life.
You walk into this world that I have been creating for these hours since you left,
Bringing your world with you.
Perhaps we should learn to knock first, before entering the world of the other.
Sometimes I do not want to open that door.
Some days you may be closed: all roads under construction.
Yet we barge in, thinking we have this right because we are married.

Really, the only free pass available is when Love shows up, passing them around.
Otherwise, there is an admission fee.

I hear you knocking.
I peek through the curtain.
Who are you who desires to enter my world and share it with me?
Do you want to share it with me,
or do you just want to camp out and mess things around a bit.
Do you know?

I glimpse strange and fascinating places
In the world you create.
If I knock, will you admit me?
Do I want to share it with you,
Or do I just want to camp out and tidy up a bit?
Do I know?

Strangely, when Love shows up and hands out Her free passes,
I discover that when I cross the threshold into
You, it is another world altogether.
It is not my world, or your world.
It is a world we have created
From the treasures we hold sacred in our own.
In this space, I see You.
I know You.
I breathe You.
We are One.

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