September 20, 2010

When I watch others malign themselves, emotionally abuse themselves, belittle, judge, and condemn themselves I see how ridiculous it is that we do this. What part of us is doing the hating? What part of us do we hate? Why?

I can buy into how precious someone else is—a baby, an old person, a stressed out mother, a teenage boy who is struggling to become a man. Why can’t I have the same compassion and respect for myself?

It feels to me like the more aware I have become of my egoic nature, my higher Self, and my purely human self, the more I am aware of the schisms within myself. I realize the need for there to be integration and harmony within myself.

We are like drops of water flung from the wave of the Sea as it rolls over itself. For a shining moment the drop is independent, experiencing the world separate from the Sea. Does that drop wish to have it’s own name, a history to stand upon, a vision for it’s future? Does it plan to do great and mighty things and leave a sparkling legacy before it finally is reclaimed by the Sea? Is it content to fall upon the rock and feel the icy breath of winter crystalize it—and then the heat of the Sun as it melts and is taken up into the clouds? Is it envious of the drop that fell upon the sand, or the passing ship, or the one that clung to the arm of the swimmer as she walked along the beach?

I have only this brief, shining moment in Time to experience Life and what is being created from the perspective of a human woman at this time in history and in this place. I come from the Sea of Light, and to it I will inevitably return. My body came from Mother Earth, and to her it shall return. Only this brief, shining moment in the world is mine. What do I want most to do and to see and to learn and to be?

And why in the world should I waste the precious minutes of this very brief opportunity to be in the world doing violence to myself and to others for not being something other than we are?

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